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choreography: Martine Pisani

assistant: Lola Rubio

performers: students in dance, theater and performing arts

duration: 30'

Created in April 2007 at the Centre d'animation de Beaulieu as part of the festival à corps, Poitiers (F)

Production La compagnie du solitaire and l'association sportive de l'Université de Poitiers.

17 students from the Group of choreographic research of the University of Poitiers, directed by Isabelle Lamothe, met Martine Pisani and

Lola Rubio during 30 hours workshop and 2 weekend.

Each workshop comprised a Feldenkraïs session directed by Lola Rubio and a movement session concentrated on the group notion.


How to organize this common space when no-one never goes away?

How to let (the) space to the other?

Which distance to install between dancers and spectators?

We worked on a presence removed from any narrative logic, with the concern of time, listening and the glance.


… endless passage, three carpets, support the theatre, dance with the absent one, to make nothing, hair dressing, zone of heat, final



As many issues carried by the entire group where each one is responsible for what occurs in the present of the spectacle.

In other words, no role was distributed in advance, the engine was to respect the many instructions of each sequence and the accuracy of

the timing, "playing it by ear".



cie martine pisani