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Workshop: from the 5th till the 17th and from the 26th till the 28th of April, 2010 in teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon (P)

Showing: on the 29th and 30th of April, 2010 in teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon (P)

Production Teatro Maria Matos

Time is invisible, how to make it perceptible and visible...?

This two weeks workshop will be focussed on certain motives crossed within the pieces of RUNNING TIMES with the aim of a public


It will be experienced through a series of simple actions or gestures exposing what a moving body can produce and create, making

feeling the flow of time.

We'll explore the ways of being together in a theatrical space, working on a certain presence.

A presence, which implicates the play, the listening, the way to be on a stage and a state of mind, linked to our performances.


This workshop is addressed to all persons interested in working with the body and its exposure to an audience look : performers,

students, visual artists, professional dancers and amateurs...

one-more-ti-me (workshop and showing)


choregraphy: Martine Pisani

assistant: Theo Kooijman

dancers: Luisa Antonio, Mariana Bartolo, Urandia Carvalho, Eunice Cecilio, Mathieu Ehrlacher, Laura Lopes, Francisca Mantas Pinto,

Filipe Pereira

duration: 35'

cie martine pisani