This performance takes part of a cycle of Works RUNNING TIMES based on the theme of time, which will continue until 2009 with

different forms and formats.


"Road Along Untitled Moments" (R.A.U.M.) has been created in November 2007 after one week résidence at Xing/Raum in Bologna (I).

It was a question of translating by physical actions some elements relating to time, often inspired by Henri Bergson and making visible

this thing, which contrary to space, is invisible and indivisible: to unroll or untie the wire of time, a time which passes, a time which

transforms, a time which destroys, an idle period, time to say it, choke time, a time which absorbs, time necessary, suspense…


Through a number of idiomatic expressions, there was some discussion literally inventing actions carrying the time which passes and

about arranging them in a certain quality, i.e. duration.

From there the question of the framing and the glance of the spectator occurred.

The fact of not being in a frontal relation has slightly moved the question of the address to the public whith the possibility of several points

of view, being able to modify the distance to which it is looking to.


"Road Along Untitled Moments" is every time adapted to the spaces where we perform. The performance is like a living sculpture of the



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Road Along Untitled Moments (R.A.U.M.)


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