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UNDATED has been created in 2017. Martine Pisani dedicated this work to her friend Jean-Jacques Ceccarelli (1948-2017),

homage to the absence, to the lack, to life


" any event is a fog of drops "


UNDATED is inspired by the physical phenomenon of condensation, the passage of a gas state to a solid state. We say that the vapors

condense when their molecules combine to form a liquid state and stop to remain in suspension.


What if I tried to condense all the work that I realized with the dancers during about twenty years? Or how could I unroll the script of ten of

my performances at the same time and at the same place?


These questions came from an intuition and brought me to the idea of UNDATED.

Like the steam in suspension, everything is there, but invisible. It would be enough to reveal the potential of it, to materialize the things

which seem important to me nowadays, to translate them here and now.


My ambition is to gather dancers and sound-light artists, who have all been present at one moment or another in the creations of the

company. A kind of human condensation.


These people are like emblems, because they shared our processes of work and our state of mind, and crossed each other or not, in one

or more spectacles. The word "emblem" is strong but the presence of the dancers has always been the basis of my performances.


I chose a team which mixes the periods and the personalities.

What brings us together, is perhaps the sense of play, the spirit of childhood, simplicity and a certain distance regarding our gestures.

And certainly an interest for dance!


The contents are coming from the performances which we made together. They are not showed such as they were because not all the

dancers of the pieces are present and above all, it is not the matter of this new project.


I wish to explore their transformation in a necessary different context.


It's about raising the central issues of the performances, how did I get to them, which kind of materials did they produced? I would like to

question each of the situations, regarding their current relevance.


I intend to play with fullness and emptiness, presence and absence, which are generated by certain actions. To actualize moments

dissolved in time, so that we can invent a new form. A prospective form with retrospective elements, rough and spontaneous.


I imagine the space is made by the performers and constructed like a house, the house of being.




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