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Martine Pisani born in 1958 lives and works in Paris.


She started dancing at the age of 22 as a performer with the group DUNES in Marseille, her native city.

At the same time, she followed numerous workshops, including those with Odile Duboc and American choreographers

such as David Gordon and Yvonne Rainer, which allowed her to cultivate a non-virtuoso dance, free of all formalism.

Her choreographic career has been strongly influenced by the works of Robert Bresson, Guy Debord, Stéphane Mallarmé,

Laurence Weiner and Robert Filliou.


She created her own company in 1992 and the following pieces:

Fragments tirés du sommeil trio 1992, U-Nighted duo 1993 in collaboration with Marco Berrettini and Caty Olive, Le grand

combat solo 1993 on a text by Frédéric Valabrègue, Là où nous sommes quartet 1996, Le son des choses 1997 sound

piece on Dracula by Bram Stoker in collaboration with Antoine Lengo and Manuel Coursin, L'air d'aller trio 1998, sans

trio 2000, Ce que je regarde me regarde duo 2001, Slow down sextuor 2002, Bande à part sextuor 2004, Contre Bande

solo 2005 with an amateur chorus, o please tll e me solo 2006 for Lorenzo de Brabandere commissioned by Vif du sujet,

group 2007 piece for 17 students of the Groupe de recherche chorégraphique de Poitiers, Hors sujet ou le bel ici trio 2007.


Between 2007 and 2010, she worked in the form of cycles that bring together themes in different forms and formats;

RUNNING TIMES (2007-2010) around Time with Road Along Untitled Moments (R.A.U.M.) 2007 in Bologna (I),

Blink 2008 for the Zagreb Dance Company in Zagreb (HR), one shared object PROFIT AND LOSS

sextuor 2009 in collaboration with Martin Nachbar in Berlin (D), Hold the line ne quittez pas performance in situ 2010

for La Galerie in Noisy le Sec (F), one-more-ti-me 2010 piece for eight students created in Lisbon (PT), as far as the eye

can hear 2010 trio conceived for the open air in Lisbon (PT).

The slide show RUNNING TIMES is a testimony to this cycle, based on a series of notebooks and photos taken between

2007 and 2010.

RELATIVITÉ GÉNÉRALE (2011-2014) includes the creation of two shows, cosmos blues solo 2012 at Uzès Danse (F)

and rien n'est établi quintet 2014 at the festval Dansfabrik in Brest (F) .

This cycle works on an uncertain body in relation with certain laws of modern physics.


At the same time she created the performances Maison et Travaux 2012 in Paris (F) and Jardin et Travaux 2013 in

Brussels (B).

She directed with Oscar Loeser as far as the eye can hear, the film 2014 based on her eponymous trio as well as the

installation Grandeur Nature in Marseille in 2015.


Latest works:

UNDATED 2017 for 10 performers at Uzès danse (F) used what she likes to call already made.

Bouillir le vide, un récital 2021 a solo for Christophe Ives at CN D Pantin (F). this show is made of several new beginnings.


She is currently working on the creation of Kono atari no dokoka (Somewhere around here) in collaboration with Michikazu

Matsune and Theo Kooijman. planned for 2023

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