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un unexpected proposal

In the winter of 2021, Michikazu Matsune asked me to collaborate on a new project. An offer I wasn't expecting at all !

Since then, I've liked to call Michikazu my 'deus ex machina', because he offered me this collaboration at a time I didn't really

want to create a new show. And the idea of a 'deus ex machina' could help me to resolve the question of my presence on stage

in my current state, i.e. in a wheelchair. A situation I don't really want to expose to the public

It's an important question for me, because I haven't been on stage since 1996.

Michikazu suggested that we talked about personal situations, things that I generally keep secret. But this time I accepted the challenge

to see how far I could go.

My disability isn't the subject of this show, but how do I deal with it?

We decided together to work on my first creations, from 1984 to 1996, the year my illness appeared. My early works are short, but they

already contain the ingredients of my later work. Reconstructing some of the pieces is quite complicated, because I don't always have a

video witness and my notebooks are often elliptical.


It's not the reconstruction that counts, but what will remain of my memories, of our memories.


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