cosmos blues

cie martine pisani




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it's too big here - let's try to fill up this emptiness -

fill up with what? - well - there's too many particles today -

it's very warm in here - because the space is too small - because of darkness also - well -

what about the wall? - which wall? - Plank's wall and the curtain -

look there's something invisible there - the light is too bright -

but I don't know where it comes from - may be we are completely in the centre now -

it's strange I'm standing and I'm feeling as if I'm lying -

yes I'm here but I'm also over there - I'm lost - can you pass me the scale please?

it's busy here



This text is an excerpt from a situation of rien n'est Útabli.

It appears at the beginning of cosmos blues, like voices "out of nowhere".


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