"...as somehow, anyhow, they went their path."

Malcolm Lowry quoted by Clément Rosset in "Le réel Traité de l'idiotie"

"From the point of view of form, play can be defined as a free act, experienced as

fictive and located outside of everyday life, yet able to totally absorb the player; an

action devoid of any material interest or utility; its temporal and spatial scope is

expressly bounded, it takes place methodically according to specific rules, and

kindles relationships among groups that deliberately shroud themselves in mystery

or emphasize, through disguise, their strangeness vis-à-vis the commonplace world."

Johan Huizinga in Homo Ludens - Essay on the social function of play


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"sans" is only based on the dancers presence on an empty and silent stage.

Focusing on modes of transition, this piece plays with notions of abrupt changes.

It could be about building a sequence of abrupt changes...

What we are looking for is a way of "being" in a performance space when play behaviours are favoured rather than psychology or


In a performance, how much is true and how much is fake, how much is natural and how much is acting ?




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