Oscar Loeser was born in 1979 in Potsdam (D). Lives and works in Berlin (D)

He graduated school in 1999, finished civil service in 2001 as assistant manager of a dance studio. He took 3 years of

orientation doing philosophy at Humboldt University in Berlin, working as light technician for dance companies touring in

Europe, playing music in bands and making Videos for dance performances. In 2010 he graduated in Editing (Master of

Arts) at the film school „Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam. Together with Martin Reimers he founded Schnittbuero, an Editing

Office for Documentaries and WebVideos based in Berlin. In 2013 he founded together with Clemens Kowalski (set

designer); avk4” which creates Installations and stage projections. Eversince he works as a freelance filmmaker capturing

Dance Pieces and producing Stage Videos for Performances and Installations (with presentations in Malaysia, Russia,

Brazil and Europe).

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