Arantxa Martinez lives in Berlin.

She is formed in Madrid, its birthplace, in ballet dancing and contemporary and in 1999 follows the formation of the

choreographic center of Montpellier. This same year she creates with Remy Héritier “De l'impatience de celui qui r

egarde dormir ». She works with various choreographers in Spain and France of which African Morris, Teresa

Nieto, Schmith-Pernette, Germana Civera (with whom she creates Objet perdu 2000), Mathilde Monnier, Martine Pisani

and Eszter Salamon.. She also collaborates with Velma, group of music from Lausanne, for creation Rondo, musical

concert in 2002. In addition she takes part in court-films and videos with Blanca Casas (Mudas in 2001), Delphin

Ste.Marie (Marquisas in 2002) and with Emmanuelle Antilles (Angel' S Camp in 2002).


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