Theo Kooijman was born in Lage Zwaluwe (NL), lives and works in Paris since 1991.

He is a painter, graduate of the School of the Fine arts of Kampen (NL).

He regularly exposes his paintings in Belgium, in the Netherlands and in France.

He works as a performer in Martine Pisani Company since 1995.

He created the performance kooijman, from 4000 self-portraits, in March 2008.

He currently works as a performer with Manuel Coursin, Nathalie Clouet, Alain Michard and with Martine Pisani as an

assistant, a performer and space designer.

His last project "instantané" has been created as part of the festival 'Cuisines en friche', supported by Marseille-Provence

2013 Capitale Européenne de la Culture.


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