Manuel Coursin, born in 1965 in Provence, lives in Paris.

Manuel Coursin is sound-manager and sound director.

Since 1985, he accompanies projects of contemporary dance, theater and other projects short-lived and sound as radio

and installations.

Sometimes accumulating the scenic presence and the sound work in the plays of Alain Michard, Marco Berrettini or

Sylvain Prunenec.

Current events shared with Grand Magasin, Martine Pisani, Joris Lacoste, Sylvain Prunenec, Antonia Baer, Alain Michard,

Faustin Linyekula, Nadia Lauro, Thierry Collet, Nicolas Bouchaud, Eric Didry.

He realizes since around ten years a series of noisery's plays entitled " the sound of things" with diverse co-workers

whose next episode ( N°8) is in progress.

Entertainment worker convinced of the merits of this status provided that it is widened in one more large number of

sectors of professions.


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