Tania Pieri was born in Manchester and lives in London (UK).

She trained in dance and theatre as a child at the Lupino dance school as well as performing in Musical Theatre.

Following this she studied dance and music full time at North Cheshire theatre school. 

She then went on to tour Europe with various dance shows before joining the original west end cast of ‘Bombay Dreams’

as a swing, assistant dance captain and cover ‘Munni’.

To further her dance training, she then attended the Rambert School of Ballet and contemporary Dance where she gained

a 1st Class BA Hons degree.

Since then she has worked with a number of companies and choreographers including West Side Story, Martine Pisani,

Nutkhut, Jiving Lindy Hoppers and Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Her creative work includes choreography for film and theatre as well as song-writing for voice and Ukulele.




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