Lola Rubio was born in 1976 in Madrid (ES) and lives in Berlin.

She studies ballet and contemporary dance in Madrid and at the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier, in France.

Since then, she works and collaborates with artist such as Gilles Jobin: Moebius Strip-2001, Under Construction-2002,

Eszter Salomon: Reproduction-2004 and NVSB-2005

In 2006 she works with Alex Roccoli : A short time effect-2006 and collaborates with the visual artist Blanca Casas in the

project Les Extras, as part of Magenta Ephemeres à Paris. In 2007 she works with David Wampach in the piece: Quatorze.

She makes several replacements: for Slow Down by Martine Pisani, Rondo by Velma, Hordycie by Séverine Rième with

whom she works for the next piece: Je ne suis personne-2008.

In 2008 she moves from Paris to Berlin and starts to work with Alice Chauchad in Colective Sensations-2008, Isabelle

Schad in Sweet Dreams-2009, Musik-2010 and in the same year she participates in the project from Martine Pisani and

Martin Nachbar: one shared object PROFIT AND LOST.

In 2010 she starts with Arantxa Martinez a research work during almost 3 years that makes there different steps and

results. All of them names The present.

In 2011 she works in Le Bénéfice du Doute-2012 by Christian Rizzo.

In 2013 she participates in one portrait of herself by Mickaël Phelippeau : Llamame Lola, which is still under construction.

At this moment she works as well on the piece for David Wampac: URGE-2015

She teachs Feldenkrais in the performance field.


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