Francisca Pinto was born in Lisbon (PT) in 1988.

She started her studies at the National Conservatory School of Dance in Lisbon, graduating in 2006 with a Professional

Dancer Diploma. In 2009 she finished her degree in dance at Escola Superior de Dança where she worked with José

Grave, Amélia Bentes, Teresa Ranieri, Margarida Bettencourt, among others. As an Erasmus student attended

ArtezDansacademie, in Arnhem, Holland, working with Ime Essien, Aryeh Weiner, Sacha Steenks. In the same year,

she worked as an interpreter and co-creator of the piece Um Qualquer… developed with Plural Contemporary Dance

Group – Inclusive Dance Company. In 2010 attended a workshop with Martine Pisani, Running Times, one-more-ti-me.

As also, she attended workshops with Guillermo Weickert, Nir de Volff and othres. Has recently finished a Post-Graduate

in Comunication and Arts in the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, New University of Lisbon.

She currenty works with Tânia Carvalho for Icosahedron, and Martine Pisani for "cosmos blues" and for the next piece

"rien n’est établi".


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