Laurent Pichaud was born in 1971, lives in Nîmes.

He trained as a contemporary dancer in the early nineties and created his first choreographic work in 1996.

During that year, he also graduated in art history.

In 2000, on his fourth piece, he presented écho anticipé (anticipated echo), an 'invisible choreography', actually a radical

way to call into question the scenic codes and to accelerate his artistic research. From then on he has given up

spectacular sceneries, music and lights and has chosen to concentrate on how to invent vocabularies, how to make the

audience be

intrigued and get involved in watching dance practice.

The processes he sets in motion start with unlikely instructions requiring from the performers constant initiative (no

repetitions, no foreseeable effects) and control loss towards their appearance ; at the same time, they are being engaged

in common structure and purpose.

His specific projects intented for urban or peri-urban sites, because of the emotive and social, even aesthetical power of

the places choosen are a good way to hold the choreography to the present and to try to connect the dancers' and the

audience actual experience.

Performer in his own pieces, he also performs for other choreographers. He's recently worked with Martine Pisani,

the Carnets Bagouet, the theater and cinema director Benoît Bradel. In 2006, he took part in the Deborah Hay's project

centred on the transmission of her solo room ; he is performer of O, O and create pu, his own adaptation of room. In 2008,

he's her assistant for If I sing to you.

Last works : feignant, 2002 – fer terre, an image of a place-duet 2003 – référentiel bondissant, for gymnasiums 2005 –

specific projects for museums 2003-2008 – àtitré, 2007 – mon nom, a work for war memorials, 2010


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